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Cute Orangutan

About Primates

Primate Photo Gallery

Fantastic photos and pictures of primates in their environment and habitat. Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the primate photo.

Silverback Gorilla


Gorilla Pounding his Chest

Gorilla in the Mist

Roaring Gorilla


Baboon in Habitat

Chimpanzee in a Tree

Baby Chimp



Chimpanzee Family

Chimp in a Tree

Colobus Moneky

Cotton Topped Tamarin

Gorilla Smacking his Lips

Gorilla in a Field

Stern Gorilla


Snoozing Ape

Colobus Monkey


Pongo Orangutan

Young Orangutan

Orangutan Pursing Lips

Orangutan with Straw


Smiling Gorilla


Ringtailed Lemur Family

Black and White Lemur

Collard Lemur


Ringtailed Lemurs

Monkey with Baby

Monkey Face

Walking Moonkey

Sitting Monkey

Monkey Back

Monkey Twins

Monkey Looking Down

Monkey Moustache

Monkey Teeth

Wise Monkey

Monkey Hiding

Monkeying Around

Walking Monkey


Roaring Mandrill

Mandrill Monkey

Mandrill with Big Teeth

Black and White Colobus

Colobus Monkey


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